MUSIC NEWS: King Kendrick Accused of Thiefing


So, that didn’t take long now did it?

Twitter fans became  more “woke” after the now infamous Kendrick Lamar Grammy 2016 performance.  Then it lit up the next day with reports from the Roots rapper Dice Raw who alleged that K Dot stole the entire performance idea from his stage show, “The Last Jimmy”.

Take a look at the two. There’s no denying the similarities. But, Raw was gracious enough to acknowledge in an interview with that regardless of the performance, the message is the same: End Mass Incarceration

“We’re both fighting the same fight. I’m sure the brothers who are incarcerated appreciate his efforts. Lamar and I can’t aim attacks at each other. The real enemy is unseen — who is pulling the strings behind mass incarceration and all this new Jim Crow madness. It isn’t Kendrick Lamar — he’s not the enemy,”
– from

Here’s Dice Raw’s performance piece

Now, here’s a quick review of Lamar’s

The New Jimmy” is a musical theater take on the Michelle Alexander book, “The New Jim Crow” in which Alexander talks about mass incarceration as the new form of Jim Crow’s racial caste system.

Dice Raw doesn’t blame Lamar at all. He’s not even too pissed.  He just wants the Kendrick creative team to acknowledge where they got the inspiration.  We agree. Let’s not be divided and conquered on such an important message.


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